Notable Podcasts

This is a list of podcasts that I currently listen to regularly. It is in no specific order, other than the order that my podcast app displays my library. I find them all equally valuable and entertaining.

Darknet Diaries

Darknet Diaries is a fantastic podcast by investigative reporter Jack Rhysider. He covers stories of various hacks that have gained media attention in the past, as well as interviews with industry professionals who tell their stories. He puts out 2 episodes a month, which tend to be my most anticipated events each month. If you haven’t started listening, you need to. If you have already been following, listen to them again and tell all your friends.


Pauls Security Weekly

A great source of industry news regarding application security, corporate security practices, and general industry events. They release multiple episodes a week, and counts as CPE credit for some certifications.


SANS Internet Storm Center

A great daily podcast. Episodes are released daily and provide a short rundown of important events in the industry news.


Risky Business

Another great resource for news on big hacks and security advisories. Episodes are release weekly for the most part, with some deviation.


Advanced Persistent Security

A podcast about information security (infosec), cyber security, malware analysis, reverse engineering, privacy, open source software, open source intelligence (OSINT), and other issues in the technology sector.